Q: What software did you use to create this?

A: The Blood Pope was created using:

  1. Lip-synch:Reallusion CrazyTalk8 .
  2. Real-time animation: Reallusion iClone 6.5
  3. Graphic conversion: Reallusion 3DXchange
  4. Character editing: Reallusion Character Creator 1.5
  5. Rendering: Indigo and iClone
  6. Video Editing: Corel VisualStudio 9

Q: Did you create everything that’s seen in the video?

A: No. I wrote the script and did the animation and mixing. Some of the animations were adapted from mocap files licensed through Reallusion. I puppeteered the facial expressions and body movements directly in iClone. The scenery, objects, SFX, etc. are licensed through Reallusion (mostly). The music and sound effects are under license from Audioblocks. I hired the voice actors through Upwork.

Q: Did you really make this for less than $1,000?

A: Yes, the total amount spent on software, voices, scenery etc. was well under $1,000. Of course, that doesn’t account for the time I spent on it, but if I hadn’t been animating, I would have spent the same amount of time playing computer games, so from my viewpoint that’s a wash.

Q: Are you a professional animator or film-maker?

A: No. I make my living as a business writer and consultant. I have, however, always been a bit of a hobbyist with animation, starting with flip-animation that I scribbled in my children’s books. My only other publicly-available animation project is the feature-length Star Trek fan film Borg War (2006), created using machinima and which was the first non-satire fan film to be shown at an official Star Trek convention.

Q: Do you have a poster?

A: Yes: